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Stratamed is a breakthrough in post procedure care. 

Stratamed is a self-drying full contact flexible wound dressing which provides an optimal environment for faster wound healing and symptomatic relief (redness/discolouration, itching, pain, discomfort, pain).

Stratamed is a self-drying gel specifically designed to assist with wound healing. It was formulated for use on non epithelialised wounds, which means you can use it straight after surgery on the fresh incisions made during the breast augmentation procedure. It is completely fine to use it on the broken surface of skin and can work to heal the skin before the scarring process even begins. It is this feature of Stratamed which sets it apart from other products where you often have to wait until the wound has fully closed to start use, which can sometimes take weeks.

Stratamed will will help protect and hydrate the wound and the sooner you start using it the better. It can help prevent abnormal scarring right from the beginning and is suitable for all surgical incisions, particularly those made from a procedure such as a breast augmentation.

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